The vision of Castlehold Baptist Church is to be a Discipleship Community which is able to “reach out to others enabling them to become followers of Jesus Christ.” This is done in a variety of ways, but three predominate.

The first is to be people who allow themselves to be challenged deeply about their attitude to prayer, sacrificial giving, evangelism at home and support for missionaries overseas.  But most importantly, a community who allow the Spirit to challenge their hearts as to whether their relationship with Jesus is stronger now than 12 months ago.

Secondly, we seek to to become a church which takes an increasingly flexible attitude to its structures and existing ways of doing things.  Just as a growing plant sometimes needs repotting, so our vision is of a church willing to experiment with and embrace different ways of, for instance,ministry to children and young people and reaching out to adults also with fresh expressions of Church such as Messy Church.

Thirdly – and in co-operation with other island Churches but particularly those within the umbrella organisation of Revive – we seek to bless our town with acts of kindness.  These range from providing a weekend of free fun activities in a local park to provision for the homeless.  We are also strong supporters of Street and School Pastors.

We have 8 home groups who are increasingly seeing their role as pastoral and evangelistic as well as a focus for Bible study, necessary in an age that has no vision of God.

Castlehold Baptist Church is blessed with many resources and is in a strategic position at the centre of the Island.  We thank our God for this but recognise that to whom much is given, much is expected.